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Tree Surgeons Croydon, Sutton, Bromley and all surrounding areas.

Tree Degrees carry out all types of tree surgery work.

We pride ourselves in maintaining our well known high standards and when we work for and with you we will clear your garden to an exceptionally high standard removing all debris and waste. Spent timber can be removed from all jobs unless otherwise instructed.

Tree Removals / Felling

Sometimes it will be necessary to remove a tree completely.  This is due to many different reasons that can occur due to weather or age of a tree ranging right through to aesthetics .  Felling a tree in a confined area takes a company who can complete this job safely, professionally and completed by a surgeon who is qualified to do this.  This will normally require the tree to be climbed and dismantled in sections. When space and safety allows, a tree may be felled in the traditional manner, by bringing the tree to ground using practised methods to ensure a safe and controlled fell, however we will do a free survey and quote before hand to assess the best plan for each individual job.

Crown Reduction

This involves reducing the canopy of the tree by a specific amount, for example by thirty per cent. When the surgery is complete the tree should be symmetrical and as much foliage as possible should remain. Crown reducing is a good option to consider, if the tree has become over grown, again a free site survey and quote will be given by an expert who will talk you through the best plan to achieve your requirements. 

Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding is where parts of the tree become vulnerable due to parts of the tree dying off.  This can be caused by weather, age or disease.  If this limbs of a tree are left it can affect the rest of the tree and disease can spread through the tree.  Rot can set in and the tree can become susceptible to becoming weak and rotten.    

Removing major dead and diseased wood is normally done from within the canopy of the tree. These works are done for safety reasons again by our fully insured and trained professionals, as it is far better for the crown of the tree to only contain live wood.

If you suspect that a tree is in need of Dead wooding please do get in touch with us asap, we are only too happy to give you our advice on what is best practice if anything is needed at all.  We would prefer to come out and see your tree is safe, than you put of something that may cause you damage.  


Crown Thinning


Crown Thinning is the selective removal of inner branches evenly throughout the trees crown. It is an effective method of allowing light to travel through the crown without altering the trees' natural shape. This will enable the lawn and smaller shrubs to grow and to allow more light into your property. As with Crown Reduction, all dead wood and crossing branches are removed during this operation. This is a great way of making your trees look healthy and it's just the same as a "Haircut" that we all have to give a fresh and good new look to our trees.

Crown Lifting

This surgery involves removing any low branches and is carried out to increase lower branches that may be obstructing the footpaths, highways or a building and clear out sight lines for a better un-obstructive view.

By removing lower tree branches this would keep branches away from traffic, or away from buildings, make signs more visible, improve views all round and or let in more light to your building.

It can also involve the removal of any epicormic growth (young shoots) from the base or trunk.

Stump and Root Removal

The normal operation involves removing the main root ball of a stump to a depth of approx six to eight inches below ground level. Sometimes there is restricted access to the back garden specialist machinery can be used.

Cutting down & removing a tree is only half of a tree removal job – the remaining stump must be dealt with as well.


A tree stump can be disposed of in one of two ways: removal or grinding. Depending on the size of a tree, the extent of its root system and other considerations, you may choose either of those options to remove an unsightly stump from your property. Precision Cutting Services has the equipment and expertise to remove or grind stumps for trees of any size.


Stump removal involves cutting off the root system, then digging the bulk of the stump out and lifting it away with a crane.


Removal can be difficult or impossible with large and old trees, which have root systems that are just too hard to take out. Stump grinding lets you avoid having to dig – after cutting off all the parts of the tree that we can remove by conventional means, we then use a machine to grind and shred the stump into mulch and chips. Afterwards, the stump gets covered by soil or fertilizer, and that’s the last you will see of it. The chips that result from the grinding operation can be used as mulch or decoration for the rest of your yard.


Stump removal isn’t always the result of a planned tree-cutting operation – for example, when a tree falls on its own as a result of age or bad weather, all or part of the root system can get wrenched out of the ground, in which case it needs to be disposed of along with the rest of the tree. In such a situation, nature has already done much of the work, fallen tree removals involve some of the more straightforward stump removal jobs, as long as they are handled with care (cutting the tree trunk without securing the root system may cause the latter to suddenly tip back into the ground hole, complicating the removal or even causing harm to equipment or people).

For a safe and professional stump removal or stump grinding job, call us anytime!

Hedge Trimming

Frequent hedge trimming can avoid the need to cut back heavily. If left neglected, cutting back heavily will result in a bare patchy hedge-line, which may take some time to recover. Hedges can also be reduced in height which can create an illusion of space in a garden. We take care to make sure equal sight lines and an overall top class job for you.

Emergency Work (Fallen Trees)

We are also available for emergency call out to deal with any potentially dangerous situations as quickly as possible. If this is the case we will put safety first and prioritise urgent work in order to ensure the welfare of the tree and the surrounding environment. As with all estimates there is no callout charge. Please inform us if your situation is urgent and should you accept our estimate we may be able to deal with problem immediately.  Please click here to go to our contact us page for a mobile number and office number. We offer a 24hr service.



Areas Covered

All areas of South London and Surrey including - Croydon, Bromley, Sutton, Caterham,Chessington, Cobham, Banstead, Epsom, Esher Beckenham, Hayes, Orpington, Purley, Coulsdon, Reigate,Chipstead, Kingswood, Oxted, Kingston, Kenley, Putney, Richmond, Guildford, Leatherhead,  London, New Malden, Mitcham, Raynes Park, Surbiton, Surrey, Sussex, Warlingham, Wimbledon, Walton on the Hill, Wallington.

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